Rebuild Cells Rescue Lives

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Our Mission

Rebuild Cells Rescue Lives


Our Vision

Create Miracles with Technology


Our Values


About Us

       Founded in 2019, Juncell Therapeutics has been hailed as a "unicorn company" for developing innovative TIL therapies in the field of solid tumor treatment. As a national high-tech enterprise and one of "Shanghai Specialized and Innovative Enterprises", we are currently at the stage of clinical research. In addition, we won the highest award "Excellence Award" in the "National Disruptive Technology Innovation Competition" organized by the Ministry of Science and Technology of China, and was selected as a candidate for disruptive technology in MOST's database.

     Juncell Therapeutics has established a facility platform covering 3,000m2 including 2,000mGMP production workshops and quality control laboratories, with a supporting quality management system. And over 16,000㎡  commercial production is under construction in stages.  By virtue of the innovative DeepTIL® cell expansion platform and the NovaGMP® gene modification platform, our company has developed a series of natural TIL and non-viral vector-based genetically modified TIL therapies, among which, 2 piplines are in clinical trials.


Core Technology

  • DeepTIL®cell expansion platform

    ☛ Highly efficient TIL enrichment for all tumor types

    Clinical-grade TILs can be obtained with a high successful rate >90%.

    ☛ Simplified process without feeder cells

    The expansion of TILs becomes easier and cheaper with no healthy human PBMCs.

    ☛ No lymphodepletion pre-treatment or IL-2 injections

    Patients can receive treatment just in general wards.

  • NovaGMP®gene modification platform

    ☛ Safer

    No risk of wild-type virus mutaions.

    ☛ Cheaper

    The non-viral vector-based gene modification costs less than 1/10 of the viral vectors system.

    ☛ More efficient

    TILs have stronger anti-tumor activity and in vivo adaptation capability with transfection efficiency >45% .

  • a1_icon1.svg
    Sufficient cells

    The same process;High successful cultivation rate>90%

  • a1_icon2-88.svg
    Competent cells

    Billion level cells;Highly specific T cells

  • a1_icon3.svg

    Feeder cells-free;Non-viral vector at a low cost

  • a1_icon4.svg
    Clinically applicable

    Less intensive pretreatment;IL-2 injection-free